Today's Reason To Drive Out the Bush Regime

Monday, October 24, 2005

Where is the major Democratic politician who demands a pullout from Iraq? Kerry and Clinton both support the war, and not a single Democratic office-holder spoke at the September 24 antiwar actions.

Where is the major Democratic politician who opposes the Patriot Act? The Senate Democrats unanimously voted to extend the Patriot Act this past summer. And not one has spoken out against the dangerous precedent-setting detention of Jose Padilla - an American citizen held without charges for over three years, strictly on the say-so of Bush.

Where is the Democratic politician who calls out the torture committed by the U.S. for what it is? The only one who came close was Illinois Senator Dick Durbin - and he had to make a humiliating, tearful, public recantation and "apology" to the troops for doing so.

Where is the major Democratic politician who dares to oppose the Nazi-style Republican hate-mongering against gay marriage? Kerry refused to do so in the 2004 campaign - in fact, he actually came out for a ban on gay marriage in Massachusetts. Clinton the First signed the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, and Clinton Number Two has been mum on this.

Where is the major Democratic politician who speaks plainly against the takeover of public discourse and public institutions by religious extremists and, yes, fascists? There are none; to the contrary, Hillary Clinton calls for "common ground" and "reconciliation."

Where, for that matter, is the major Democratic contender who will unapologetically defend the right to abortion? Or who will dare to call out Bush's actions on Katrina what they are - murder, whether by negligence or design or both?

The list goes on. If you truly want to reverse the direction of this country, why would you depend on people who don't even promise you that they will do that? Who show, quite frankly, not the slightest interest in taking on these fascists? If you truly want to reverse the direction of this country B if you truly allow yourself to come to grips with the threat posed by the Bush Regime B you have no alternative but to make independent historical action.